With a hint of magic and nobility

the stripes of the pants reflect a visionary approach to

apparel as well as playful spirit of 

court jesters of the past.



A true statement in the indigo blue world of denim!





The patented design optically manipulates with the viewer

by making the wearer a bit taller,

her legs longer and slimmer yet at the same time

giving a gorgeous little extra curve

where necessary. 




In 2009 we came upon an idea to spice up our old jeans. We cut few pairs in half and sew them back up using an old boucle instead. And suddenly, we felt invincible with a certain lightness taking place in us. Everything seemed possible inside our new companions, and thus naming them - Visionary Pants. 

We started getting compliments. People started asking about the pants, could we get a pair as well? And at one point we thought, really, why not? So we decided to create our own brand called MINU. 

It took us a while to find someone who could introduce us to the blue world of denim. Turned out that there was no one making jeans in Estonia and there were no machines not to mention skilled craftsmen. It all looked pretty bleak, until we heard some rumours about a former denim master who used to manufacture jeans in the early 90’s. We started looking for him and found him living peacefully in the thick woods of northern Estonia. It was him who taught us about the material, about indigo, about sewing, cutting and construction and how good things take time. Together we worked out the first proper patterns of our two-colored visionaries for both men and women.

From there on we started producing our first jeans in very limited quantities in the garage of our tutor. But as with all fledglings - in order to grow there comes a time to leave the safety of the nest and become independent. And there we were - meeting different sewing companies and almost all of them turned us down claiming that we want the impossible. Our seems and patterns were too complicated, our material too thick, no seamstress was willing to work with us and even if someone was, we didn’t meet a quality nor devotion that we expected.. But to us, impossible was just another obstacle to overcome.

Our vision got even more clear, we wanted to create something which withstands time, something high-grade yet innovative. We knew it was up to us to turn an impossible situation to the best possible outcome.

As time went by we managed to find few mad companions willing to give birth to something so new and demanding. It was then when we came to a clear understanding - how we create is not so different from our ancestors who joined under guilds with an oath to give their best in everything they do. Highly inspired by such heritage and very much in love with people who think of their work as a practice towards becoming an absolute expert at what they do, we too united our tailors and seamstresses under one medieval roof in our home town Tallinn. 

So this is how Reval Denim Guild was brought to existence. Excellence together with innovation, the very first denim guild in the world stands for traditional methods, remarkable product with stories behind them and a common vision to give our best in everything we do. Especially in today’s world where we slowly but surely come to remember the true value of well-made things crafted by devoted hands and a conscious mind. 

We feel it is the right way to move on in a world where very few things seem to matter anymore. The low-quality products deliberately meant not to withstand time, the unethical use of people in clothing industry and the anonymous mass-production with no sensible value behind leaves us in a situation where something must be changed. In sake of both the planet and it’s inhabitants. 

By now we are the only denim brand making jeans this dedicatedly in Estonia and with Visionary Pants having become our iconic signature jeans that still wear the first brand name MINU as the celebration of where it all started.


Meistrit tunned tööst - the craftsmen by his work is known, 
as the saying goes in Estonian.


Interior of Visionary Pants : Front

All seems are either chain stitched or covered.

Interior of Visionary Pants : Behind

The clean interior even allows to wear jeans inside out.


Exterior of Visionary Pants : Front

Exterior of Visionary Pants : Behind

The design of 5-pocket Visionary Pants optically manipulates with the viewer
by making the wearer a bit taller and her legs longer and slimmer.

At the same time, the design adds a gorgeous little extra curve.