Handcrafted miracle making jeans for
dreamers, lovers, poets and visionaries of all kind


Story of a vision

There is no point of doing, if not done exceptionally and therefore - do it with all your heart!


This is how Reval Denim Guild was brought to existence. The year was 2009 when we made our very first creation - the quite peculiar, two-coloured jeans. With a hint of magic and nobility, they were inspired by our vibrant heritage - the stripes of the pants reflect a visionary approach to apparel as well as playful spirit of court jesters of the past.

So we gave these jeans a try and suddenly, a certain lightness accompanied us! Our new friends gave us sort of a Peter Pan feeling, like one could run on water, reach the stars or kiss the sky. Everything seemed possible together with our new companions, and thus we named them - the Visionary Pants.

World wide patented and surely an eye-catching design, the Visionaries compliment the female body like no other. The patented design optically manipulates with the viewer by making the wearer a bit taller, her legs longer and slimmer yet at the same time giving a gorgeous little extra curve where necessary.

But above all, it is the feeling they carry. That wondering, vagabond, Peter Pan spirit. We may truly say - wearing these jeans woke us to our true characters, freed us from the illusion of society’s expectations, made our creativity fly and so many beautiful things were born and created wearing these cotton miracles. Now it's time to awake your inner Visionary!


These miracle making jeans are handmade in Estonia

Using some of the best materials and talented workers we could find
the world wide patented design compliments the female body
and makes all the heads turn


Comfortable Fit

High-waist cut and visual details that complement the curvaceous female body.

All sizes and body types

We offer all sizes in three different lengths and two body types to fit most women. See our size guide.

Handmade with love

Made by hand with special vintage embroidery machines.


PATENTED worldwide

The design of Visionary Pants is worldwide patented since 2010.


Designed and produced in EU with a high level of quality in each step of the manufacturing process.

Magic of Denim Fabric

Stretch 10oz denim fabric comes from Europe with no chemical processing of the fabric.